3.III.ii. RCB-CRL : Serum-free Cultured Cell Lines  
Cell No. Cell name General characteristics
  RCB0101     L·P3     Protein- & lipid-free medium growing  
  RCB0402     HeLa·P3     Protein- & lipid-free medium growing  
  RCB0438     LC-1/sq-SF     Lung Cancer-1/squamous (RCB0455 LC-1/sq), serum-free cultured. Application consideration  
  RCB0685     SKG-II-SF     Large cell non-keratinizing squamouse carcinoma. Stage Ib. HPV type 18 integrated.  
  RCB0690     HOTHC-SF     Serum-free, protein-free cultured HOTHC cells  
  RCB0706     Verots S3(SF)     Expressing SV40 tsA58 large T antigen. Verots S3 cultured in protein-free MEM. G418-resistant.ĦĦMonkey cell lines require import and export permits according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).  
  RCB0721     GOTO·P3     Subline of GOTO. Protein-free medium adapted. Cell growth is slow.  
  RCB1200     MMAc·SF     Serum-free medium-adapted MMAc cells. For SF culture, + insulin, hEGF, hydrocortisone, bovine pituit  
  RCB1477     CHO-RD     Subline of CHO cells. Derived from CHO-K1 cell line. Serum-free medium adapted. Application consideration  
  RCB1859     MDBK-NST     Bovine kidney-derived epithelial cell line. FBS independent for culture.  
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