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May. 22, 2014
Type DNA clone
Name of clone REB
Alternative name REB bZIP protein
Description Rice endosperm
Type of inserted Rice cDNA ()
Size of inserted 1,635 bp
Classification Plasmid
Restriction site EcoR I - 3.0, 1.6 kb
Gene REB
Locus Link
Ref Seq
DDBJ D78609
Gene ID
Vector pBluescript KS (+)
Size of vector 3.0 kb
Cloning site EcoR I
Genetic markers Amp^r
Host E. coli
Host strain XL1-Blue
Keywords bZIP, allergen, alpha-globulin, rice, storage protein, basic leucine-zipper protein, REB cDNA rice endosperm; _plant
Growth condition 37 C, LB+Amp
Reference Plant Mol Biol. 1997 Feb;33(3):513-22.  
Parent Virus
Developer Adachi, Takahiro (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)  
Adachi, Takahiro (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)  
  Adachi, Takahiro 
Restrict for distribution This material is provided with written consent of Depositor. Acknowledgement to Depositor in publication. b, y
Remarks ((Additional form)) Approval Form(FormD)
Restriction map  gif
Nucleotide sequence 1
MS using RDB clone   

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