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May. 22, 2014
Type DNA clone
Name of clone refg
Alternative name
Description Plasmid clone of rice elongation factor-1 gamma cDNA
Type of inserted Rice cDNA ()
Size of inserted 1,601 bp
Classification Plasmid
Restriction site Xba I-1.37 kb; Pst I-0.52, 0.33 kb; Sac I-0.38 kb
Gene EF-1 gamma
Locus Link
Ref Seq
DDBJ D89802
Gene ID
Vector pBluescript SK (-)
Size of vector 3.0 kb
Cloning site EcoR I
Genetic markers Amp^r
Host E. coli
Host strain JM109
Keywords elongation factor-1 gamma, eEF1Bgamma, translation, rice, EF-1 gamma; _plant
Growth condition 37 C, LB+Amp
Reference FEBS Lett. 1998 Sep 4;434(3):382-6.  
Parent Virus
Developer Kidou, Shin-ichiro (Iwate University)  
Kidou, Shin-ichiro (Iwate University)  
  Kidou, Shin-ichiro 
Restrict for distribution This material is provided with written consent of Depositor. Acknowledgement to Depositor in publication. b, y
Remarks ((Additional form)) Approval Form(FormD)
Restriction map  gif
Nucleotide sequence 1
MS using RDB clone   

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