Resource List
ANIMAL Resource
BRC No. Type Strain Name Gene(s) Research Application(s)
RBRC04939 Transgene B6.B6D2-Tg(A1AT-Adam8)18 Adam8 (a disintegrin and metallopeptidase domain 8)
RBRC04938 Transgene B6.B6D2-Tg(A1AT-Spp1)25 Spp1 (secreted phosphoprotein 1)
RBRC04940 Transgene B6.B6D2-Tg(Ins2-Tnf) Tnf (tumor necrosis factor) Diabetes and Obesity Research
RBRC03985 Transgene B6.B6D2-Tg(Mt-Cd14)M14S Immunology and Inflammation Research,
Cell Biology Research
RIKEN BioResource Center