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Data update: Jun 20, 2019
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RBRC No. RBRC02402  
Type Targeted MutationCartagena   wks
Species Mus musculus  
Strain name B6.129P2-Bst1<tm2Thir> Cd38<tm1Thir>  
Former Common name BST-1/CD157 CD38 double KO  
H-2 Haplotype No Data  
ES cell line EB5  
Background strain No Data  
 1 Appearance black  
Genotype a/a B/B C/C  
Strain development Developed by Drs. Katsuhiko Ishihara and Toshio Hirano, Osaka University. Backcrossed to C57BL/6N for 4 times, and then to C57BL/6J.  
Strain description CD157 (Bst1) and CD38 double knockout mice.  
Colony maintenance Double heterozygote x Wild-type [C57BL/6JJcl]  
Health Report
Gene Details
Promoter No Data  
 1 Symbol Bst1  
Symbol name bone marrow stromal cell antigen 1  
Chromosome 5  
Common name 114/A10, Bp3, Bsta1, CD157, Ly65  
Symbol description No Data  
 2 Symbol Cd38  
Symbol name CD38 antigen  
Chromosome 5  
Common name Cd38-rs1  
Symbol description No Data  
 3 Symbol puro  
Symbol name puromycin resistance gene (Streptomyces alboniger)  
Chromosome 5  
Common name No Data  
Symbol description No Data  
Promoter herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase promoter (HSV tk promoter)  
 4 Symbol neo  
Symbol name neomycin resistance gene (E. coli)  
Chromosome 5  
Common name neo; neomycin;  
Symbol description No Data  
Research applications No Data  
Specific Term and Conditions The following terms and conditions will be requested by the DEPOSITOR.
The RECIPIENT of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE shall obtain a prior written consent on use of it from the DEPOSITOR.
The RECIPIENT shall obtain a prior agreement from Dr. Katsuhiko ISHIHARA ( to transfer the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE. RECIPIENT who wants to use the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE for the purpose other than education and research in non-profit organization is requested to make a Material Transfer Agreement with Kawasaki medical school..  
Additional information
 1 Lab HP  
Depositor Ishihara, Katsuhiko (Kawasaki Medical School)  
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