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Data update: Mar 22, 2019
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RBRC No. RBRC05456  
Type Spontaneous Mutation  
Species Mus musculus  
Strain name STOCK Dab1<yot>  
Former Common name yotari  
H-2 Haplotype No Data  
Background strain No Data  
 1 Appearance No Data  
Genotype No Data  
Strain development Arose in the descendants of a male chimeric mouse (chimera of 129 and C57BL/6JJcl) during the generation of P3R knockout mice.  
Strain description Yotari mice, spontaneous and autosomal recessive mutant. Homozygous mutant mice show unstable gait and whole-body tremor due to hypoplastic cerebellum. This mutation was caused by a replacement of Dab1 gene sequence with a long interspersed nuclear element (L1) fragment.  
Colony maintenance Heterozygote x Wild-type Homozygous mice exhibit ataxia.  
Health Report
Gene Details
Promoter No Data  
 1 Symbol Dab1  
Symbol name disabled homolog 1 (Drosophila)  
Chromosome 4  
Common name No Data  
Symbol description No Data  

Research applications No Data  
Specific Term and Conditions The following terms and conditions will be requested by the DEPOSITOR.
In publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature(s) designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested.
Brain. Res. Mol. Brain Res., 75, 121-127 (2000). および Neurosci. Res., 29, 217-223 (1997).  
Additional information
 1 No Data  
 2 Genotyping protocol <PCR>  
Depositor Nakajima, Kazunori (Keio University)  Nakajima, Kazunori 
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