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RBRC No. RBRC01099  
Type TransgeneCartagena  
Species Mus musculus  
Strain name ERAI mice  
Former Common name ER stress-activated indicator (ERAI)  
H-2 Haplotype No Data  
Background strain C57BL/6JJcl  
 1 Appearance black  
Genotype a/a B/B C/C  
Strain development Developed by Takao Iwawaki and Masayuki Miura, RIKEN Brain Science Institute. The 3.6-kb fragment of pCAX-F-XBP1deltaDBD-venus was injected into the pronuclei of C57BL/6 fertilized eggs. Transgenic mice were backcrossed to C57BL/6JJcl.  
Strain description ERAI (ER stress-activated indicator) transgenic mice carry human XBP1 and venus (a variant of green fluorescent protein) fusion gene under control of a CAG promoter. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress is caused by the accumulation of unfolded proteins in the ER lumen, and is associated with vascular and neurodegenerative diseases. The transcripts from ERAI constructs are spliced under ER stress, the spliced mRNA is translated into an XBP1-venus fusion protein, which can be detected by fluorescence of the venus. This strain is useful to monitor physiological and pathological ER stress in vivo.  
Colony maintenance Carrier x Noncarrier [C57BL/6JJcl]. Tg mice are viable and fertile.  
Health Report
Gene Details
Promoter No Data  
 1 Symbol XBP1  
Symbol name X-box binding protein 1 (human)  
Chromosome UN  
Common name D11Ertd39e, TREB-5, TREB5, TREB5, XBP-1  
Symbol description No Data  
 2 Symbol Venus  
Symbol name Green Fluorescent Protein, F46L (Jellyfish)  
Chromosome UN  
Common name Venus  
Symbol description No Data  
Promoter CMV-IE enhancer, chicken beta-actin promoter  
 3 Symbol FLAG  
Symbol name FLAG tag (synthetic)  
Chromosome UN  
Common name No Data  
Symbol description No Data  
References Nat Med. 2004 Jan;10(1):98-102. Epub 2003 Dec 14.  
Airway epithelial inflammation-induced endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ store expansion is mediated by X-box binding protein-1.
Airway epithelial inflammation-induced endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ store expansion is mediated by X-box binding protein-1.
Airway epithelial inflammation-induced endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ store expansion is mediated by X-box binding protein-1.
Research applications Cell Biology Research,
Fluorescent Proteins/lacZ System  
Specific Term and Conditions The following terms and conditions will be requested by the DEPOSITOR.
The RECIPIENT of BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE shall obtain a prior written consent on use of it from the DEPOSITOR.
In publishing the research results obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, a citation of the following literature(s) designated by the DEPOSITOR is requested.
Nat. Med., 10, 98-102 (2004).
In publishing the research results to be obtained by use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE, an acknowledgment to the DEPOSITOR is requested.
During 2 years after deposition by the DEPOSITOR to the RIKEN BRC, the RECIPIENT agrees to use this BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE as a collaboration with the DEPOSITOR, and to include the DEPOSITOR as a co-author in any publications resulted by the use of the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE. The RECIPIENT must inform the DEPOSITOR the research project using the BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE and must obtain a prior permission from the DEPOSITOR to avoid the conflict of interest with the DEPOSITOR. The material shall be used for teaching or not-for-profit research purposes only for the research described within this MTA. If there is intent to use the material for profit purpose, the recipient shall first discuss its intentions with RIKEN. The recipient shall agree to acknowledge RIKEN in all publications with regard to the material.  
Additional information
 1 Lab HP (Japanese)  
 2 Mouse of the Month Mar 2007
Genetic Background  
 3 Genotyping protocol <PCR>  
Depositor Miura, Masayuki (The University of Tokyo)  Miura, Masayuki 
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